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We move boats and provide handling lessons



Stout Yacht Services offers deliveries on the water of small to large boats throughout the Great Lakes, the East Coast of Canada and the USA, as well as the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. 


Our captains have many years of experience, and are licensed by Transport Canada. We also provide licensed Crew, to ensure safe competent assistance during the delivery.


Each move is carefully planned by our captains and estimates are provided.  Each delivery is unique and planned as such.


We offer boat handling lessons using your own boat and equipment.  Captain Rick will come to your boat at your facility and provide personal training in all aspects of boat handling.  Men and or Women will benefit from these lessons.  Learn to safely and confidently dock your boat.  If you have an issue with handling, let us know what it is and  we can work through it with you.


We also provide FREE online advice for boat puchases and related information.


For more information on your boat delivery needs, please contact Rick Stout at 705-529-8479 phone, Captain Peter Renton at 705-641-1376.  Send us an email on our contact page.



“Professional Services from full time  Captains dedicated to their profession”


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