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About Our Captains


Captain Rick Stout



Transport Canada CDA 12391Q.  Rick is one of the Captain's on the Miss Midland 100 ft passenger tour boat. as well as the Seredipity Princess, also a large passenger tour boat. Working in all aspects of the marine trade.  A major strength is his ability to teach men and women, on their own boats, how to safely and properly operate them.  Learn how to dock your boat with confidence.

Captain Peter Renton

Transport Canada CDA0184041A.  Peter 

completed the Great Loop in 2015. He has extensive experience in locks and waterways.  A business professional who took early retirement, he has logged more than 32,000 waterway miles in the last 6 years.  He is a pilot, with float plane and night endorsements.  Extensive experience in all Great Lakes and the Eastern half of USA.

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